<title>Native American Lakota Wooden Love Flutes - Handmade wooden flutes by Bruce Becker</title>

"My flutes speak for themselves"
From breath... through sound ... to Spirit

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"I see the use of the flute as a very personal way for someone to connect even deeper with their Spirit."

                                 Bruce Becker


About this site's background image

Pictographs were usually painted on light colored rock surfaces with pigments made from mineral deposits. I shot this photograph in Horseshoe Canyon, Utah, where it is part of a pictograph panel perhaps 150 feet long with many images. its exceptional quality is of a style called "Barrier Creek", and is estimated to be 8,700 years old. The meaning of these images and the artists who painted them is a mystery. They predate the Fremont people who later inhabited the area of eastern Utah.



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