<title>Native American Lakota Wooden Love Flutes - Handmade wooden flutes by Bruce Becker</title>

"My flutes speak for themselves"
From breath... through sound ... to Spirit

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  Bruce began pursuing his life-long musical interests in Miss Cunningham's second grade class playing "Three Blind Mice" on a bake-a-lite Flutophone. In high school he received a music letter  in percussion. The harmonica followed quite naturally as a way to pass time during a stint in the United States Army in the 1960's.  Finding the saxophone such an expressive instrument, he began experimenting with the dynamics of breath control and eventually wound up making his own flutes, only to find quite a demand for him to make flutes for others.

Bruce says:
"I see this form of expression to be a very personal way for someone to connect even deeper with their Spirit. I hope that each person who plays my flutes feels a sense of brotherhood with me as I do with them through their music."

When not busy in his workshop, Bruce enjoys playing music, fishing, hiking and exploring the high country of Colorado.


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