<title>Native American Lakota Wooden Love Flutes - Handmade wooden flutes by Bruce Becker</title>

"My flutes speak for themselves"
From breath... through sound ... to Spirit

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The rattle is used ceremonially and as a tool by healers. I make Gourd Rattles well as Turtle Shell Rattles.

Gourd Rattles

I etch my gourd rattles with pueblo designs or with shooting stars, leaves and vines, the morning star,  or I paint them with old colors that have an antique look. then I varnish them for protection from the elements. The handles are either Juniper which I hand select for its uniqueness, Beaver chewed Aspen, Willow, or Alder. I always place seeds from the gourd inside to insure potency, along with pebbles I carefully select from the bed of a clear mountain stream.

Gourd Rattles (medium size) $45
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Gourd Rattles (large size) $65

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Medium Size


Large Size


Turtle Shell Rattles

I make turtle shell rattles with Juniper or Willow wood handles and 
I use round pebbles collected from an ant hill or pebbles I collect from mole hills above timberline. 
Blue corn is also used in some instances.
Each shell is carefully hand-drilled and deerskin is sewn over both ends.


All three Turtle shell rattles shown are large size.


Turtle shell rattles Medium size)    $65
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Turtle shell rattles (large size)        $85

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